Submitted by Steve Duffy, President 2001 � 2002

The following annual report consists of five sections: (1) Membership; (2)
Executive Council Report; (3) Section Reports; (4) Annual Conference Report; and
(5) Treasurer�s Report.

  1. Membership

  2. Membership for 2001/2002 held steady at just about 100 institutional
    members, including academic, public, and special libraries. Membership dues
    remain $15.00 per year for institutional members.

  3. Executive Council

  4. Ballots cast by institutional members in Spring 2001 for the year 2001/2002
    resulted in the election of the following officers:

    President: Steve Duffy (Simpson)

    Vice President / President Elect: Claudia Frazer (Drake)

    Secretary/Treasurer: Marianne Malinowski (Ames Public)

    Cataloging Section:

    Chair: Patty Bellus (Des Moines Public)

    Vice Chair: Vacant

    Interlibrary Loan Section

    Chair: Susan Wagner-Hecht (Coe)

    Vice Chair: Vacant

    Reference Section

    Chair; Lorie Pellack (ISU)

    Vice Chair: Randall Schroeder (Wartburg)

    Ex officio members were: Rich Doyle (Coe) representing the OCLC Users
    Council and Barb Corson representing the State Library. Michael Wright
    resigned his position at BCR in the spring of 2002; for the remainder of the
    year there was no ex officio member representing BCR.

    The 2001/2002 Executive Council met three times: August 7, 2001 (Ames
    Public); October 23, 2001 (Simpson College); March 7, 2002 (Ames Public).

    Topics discussed by the Executive Council included: review of upcoming
    changes in OCLC software; planning for the spring conference; planning for the
    spring pre-conference; reviewing the bylaws for simplification and revision;
    interaction with BCR following the resignation of Mike Wright and the closing
    of BCR�s Iowa office; selection of a slate of officer candidates for the
    next year; preparation and review of membership mailings.

  5. Section Reports

  6. Cataloging Section

    The annual meeting of the cataloging section was convened by Patty Bellus
    and met after lunch at the annual spring conference. The program included a
    demonstration of CatExpress (led by Colleen Valente of UNI) and a
    demonstration of CatME (led by Rosario Garza). Topics of conversation
    following the demonstrations included workflow issues in connection with CatME
    and the new OCLC Web Dewey product.

    Interlibrary Loan Section

    Susan Wagner-Hecht convened the annual meeting of the ILL section which met
    after lunch at the annual spring conference. Meghan Hopkins, OCLC Library
    Services Consultant, presented a demonstration of OCLC ILLiad software and

    Reference Section

    The reference section's annual meeting was convened by Randall Schroeder
    and met after lunch at the annual spring conference. The program included a
    demonstration of the FirstSearch Administrative module led by Karen Lehman
    (Wartburg). Keynote speaker Pat Stevens also joined in this discussion.

    Union List Section

    This section continues to be inactive. The Executive Council has discussed
    whether some of the issues formerly addressed by this section should be
    handled by the ILL or the Cataloging section, but so far no action has been

  7. Annual Spring Meeting

  8. 63 people attended the annual spring conference held on Friday, May 24, at
    Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa. 20 people attended the pre-conference held
    May 23, also at Simpson.

    The pre-conference consisted of a training session on the use of OCLC CatME
    led by Rosario Garza from BCR. The training session was offered at a
    discounted rate to encourage libraries to shift from Passport to CatME. 
    Evaluations were favorable.

    Pat Stevens, Director of Product Planning and Strategy, was the conference
    keynote speaker and her talk "Extending the Cooperative" discussed
    ongoing changes to the OCLC WorldCat database.

    State Librarian Mary Wegner summarized the situation faced by the State
    Library with potential budget cuts and their implications for FirstSearch
    service in Iowa. The upcoming subscription with EBSCO was also mentioned

    Rosario Garza presented the BCR update, summarizing upcoming software and
    pricing changes, and discussing the changes to the Eastern office.

    Following lunch, Rich Doyle presented the Members Council report.

    The annual business meeting took place after lunch. Newly elected officers
    were introduced briefly and membership and financial data were summarized.

    Section meetings were held after lunch. Brief, informal demonstrations, as
    well as unstructured time for discussion, were scheduled for each section.

    Evaluations of the conference were favorable. The keynote speaker was
    favorably received. Attendees evaluated favorably the scheduling of separate
    section meetings, in separate rooms, and welcomed demonstrations at these
    meetings, though with continuing time for unstructured conversation and
    question and answer time. Comments on the reference section discussion were
    especially favorable. The wine-tasting event at the lunch break was also
    popular, as was the annual drawing for door prizes.

  9. Secretary/Treasurer�s Report

  10. Initial Ending Balance as of Aug. 7, 2001:   $3,716.59

    Expenses for the year 2001-2002:

    Conference:      $1062.63

    Copies, postage:      $569.96

    Exec. Council:      $35.07

    Revenue for the year 2001-2002:

    Conference:     $820.00

    Membership:      $1425.00

    Interest:      $23.97

    Final Ending balance as of Sept. 19, 2002:   $4,317.90