About IOUG

The Iowa OCLC Users Group (IOUG) was formed to enhance the use of OCLC by libraries and educational institutions in the state of Iowa.

The group endeavors:  

  1. to serve as a means of input from the Iowa users of OCLC and the OCLC programs supported by the State Library of Iowa; 
  2. to ensure participation by the Iowa users of OCLC in planning and implementing programs connected with OCLC in Iowa; and 
  3. to serve as a vehicle for communication concerning OCLC among the Iowa users of OCLC and the State Library of Iowa.

As part of its mission, the IOUG sponsors an annual conference.  Pre-conferences regularly provide a vehicle for more in-depth examination of new software or topics of professional interest.

The IOUG Executive Council meets regularly throughout the year to plan the annual conference and conduct other business.  Individuals or libraries with questions about IOUG or OCLC are welcome to email any of the current council members.