5 October 2011

IOUG Executive Council teleconference October 5, 2011 – 3:30 PM Participants: Deb Robertson, Heidi Pettitt, Holly Youngquist, Deb Fliegel, Laura Riskedahl, Florene Cork, Margaret Stangohr, Susan Moore, Steve Cox, Susan Green, Barb Corson The IOUG Executive Council met on October 5, 2011 via a conference call. Deb Robertson called the meeting to order. Susan Moore moved that the May 27th minutes be approved as distributed. Deb Fliegel seconded. Motion carried. Deb Fliegel moved that the August 18th minutes be approved as corrected. Susan Moore was not at the meeting and Deb Fliegel’s name was misspelled. Barb Corson seconded. Motion carried. Steve Cox presented the treasurer’s report. Our balance as of 7/31/2011 was $4,676.85. Old Business – Holly needs to write her annual report. Margaret sent out the membership renewal letters on September 27th . Deb Robertson has reserved the Briar Cliff conference center for May 10 & 11. Aramark will be the food vendor. George Needham was suggested as a speaker. Change was mentioned as a possible theme. New Business – Margaret Stangohr made a motion that the now empty IOUG file cabinet housed at the Ames Public Library be given to the library. Barb Corson seconded. Motion carried. Margaret will send an email to the director. Deb Robertson and Margaret Stangohr will put together a survey on the future of IOUG. Steve Cox has provided ten years’ worth of membership information. Deb will also be asking other groups including ILA their opinion regarding the group. The constitution on the website needs to be updated. Susan Moore moved that the meeting adjourn. Florene Cork seconded. Motion carried. Respectfully submitted, Margaret Stangohr, Secretary